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Write your Sharia Will

“It is not permissible for any Muslim who has something to Will to stay for two nights without having his last Will and testament ...” 

(Sahih al Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 51, Number 1) 

Simple Wasiyat is the first and the only service in the world allowing Muslims to write a Sharia Will anytime and from anywhere in the world.  


With Simple Wasiyat you can write a Sharia Will online instantly in less than 10 minutes.  


When writing your Sharia Will with Simple Wasiyat, you can reflect your wishes in passing your inheritance to your next generations.

You will be able to select who will be your executors, guardians of your children, make declarations of faith and choose if you would like to leave anything to a charity of your choice.  

You can then download your Will instantly and will also receive a copy of the Will in your email. We provide a postal service all over the world.  


Fulfil your Islamic duties and write your Sharia Will with Simple Wasiyat now.

Watch our video on Sharia Will Writing

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