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Our journey

Online Sharia Will

Simple Wasiyat is the first and only online Will writing service in the world that allows you to download and print your Sharia Will instantly.  With Simple Wasiyat, Muslims all over the world can create Sharia Wills within 10 minutes at a minimal cost with prompt delivery.


Sharia Wills are not just for the wealthy, they are for everyone. The aim of Simple Wasiyat has always been to make Sharia Wills affordable for every Muslim, regardless of race, class, or gender because we are all creations of Allah (SWT) and therefore equal. 


 The concept for Simple Wasiyat evolved from witnessing the challenges and realisation that Muslims face lengthy delays and expensive legal costs to make Sharia Wills.  


Our team has over 20 years of combined legal experience. Our legal Will writing expertise allows us to understand the complexity of Sharia-compliant Wills. We have witnessed the challenges clients face in making their Sharia Wills. The newer generations are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of having a Will and the financial and emotional consequences of not writing a Will.


It is our vision to revolutionise the whole concept of online Sharia Wills globally, eliminating the lengthy delays and expensive costs associated with the traditional way of making a Sharia Will. At Simple Wasiyat it has been our mission to reform the way the Muslim Ummah can participate in the development of technology.  


In addition to following Islamic law, the founders have ensured that our Sharia Will writing service is following the law of the place you reside. All Wills are Islamically and legislatively compliant with Simple Wasiyat. 


Simple Wasiyat addresses the spiritual, practical, and legal obligations of Muslims.  


With Simple Wasiyat there is no need to go into an office, no waiting times, and no added legal costs. Your Sharia Will can be emailed to you or printed instantly. This saves time and money as we charge a nominal fixed fee of £99.99.

Islamic Will storage

Simple Wasiyat is in partnership with the Islamic National Will Register and together, we have launched the first-ever Islamic Will storage service in the United Kingdom. 


With the revolving family structure, keeping valuable documents or valuable items at home has become a thing of the past. The Islamic faith lacked a central place to store Wills, but now, with Simple Wasiyat, we have a solution.


The purpose of making a Will is for peace of mind, and it is very important to understand that any verses from the Quran within Islamic Wills need to be respected. At Simple Wasiyat we ensure that all Islamic Wills are stored in a respectful manner i.e., not placed on the floor.   


Simple Wasiyat is based in Watford, United Kingdom. Our Wills are covered by professional legal indemnity insurance, nationally and globally. Additionally, we are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office so you can rest assured that your documents and information are kept private and confidential.  


We are committed to providing an effective service to Muslims across the globe, to help them preserve and pass their inheritance to the next generation in an affordable and convenient manner.

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